The Grand Tour – Day 3

Victoria and Albert Museum

I went to get some breakfast and postcards before going to the first day of class today. We had to make a trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum for our first journal assignment. The museum had like everything! From the history of fashion, arts and artifacts from different countries to the history of railings! We ended up spending a good few hours walking around looking for answers and checking things out. Afterwards, we had to head back to go get an all-paid-for dinner at Wagamama, a Japanese noodle bar. It was probably the best meal I’ve had since I got here! We got to order a drink, a side dish, the main dish AND dessert!! I got the orange berry bang for my drink, the beef kushiyaki for the side dish, the wagamama ramen for my main dish and 3 flavors of ice-cream (citrus yuzu, strawberry and five spices, and toffee and black cumin seed).

Tomorrow: Blood Brothers at the Phoenix Theatre


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