The Grand Tour – Day 4

Blood Brothers 

Finally sent some postcards today before class!! I was trying so hard not to fall asleep lol good thing there’s only 2 more classes this week before we head to Paris this weekend! After class we took the Tube to Oxford Circus to go tea tasting but we ended up eating at Garfunkel’s for lunch. Then, we finally get to go shopping for two hours before we have to go to the Phoenix Theatre to watch Blood Brothers, which is a British musical about two twin brothers separated after birth, becomes friends in the same neighborhood and falling for the same woman. On our way to the theatre we stopped by Chinatown and I was so happy to see asian food!!!! And I finally got my boba drink fix 🙂 That helped my homesickness just a little bit 😉 As for the musical, at first I didn’t think much of the show but as it went on, the actors were so into the story that I felt like I was part of it too. A lot of people cried and laughed and I would recommend people to watch it!

Tomorrow: The British Museum


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