The Grand Tour – Day 9

Today we leave London and heading out to Paris on the Eurostar! This time we called a taxi because I am not down to carry my luggage up and down the stairs and around the Tube. It turns out that King’s Cross station was right across from our train station at St. Pancras! We wanted to take a picture at Platform 9 3/4 but there was a longggg line for it and we had to catch the train…so I didn’t get a picture with it 😦

After like a 2 hour train ride, we arrive at Paris Gare du Nord and we have to take the Metro to the place we are staying at. It’s interesting how the subways in London and France doesn’t have air conditioning and in France you have to pull on a switch to open the door from the inside to get out. Going through the Metro to get to our destination was another workout. I thought the stairs in London was bad but this is worse. We had to go up and down SO MANY stairs to transfer to a different line and around the Metro everyone was dying trying to carry their luggage.

We were so glad when we got to our place that it has elevator! Haha thank goodness 🙂 The place is a studio and it looks sooooo nice! After we settled down, we went out for dinner at Bistro D’Edgar and I had le gros Edgar (burger). The food was definitely more flavorful than London.


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