The Grand Tour – Day 19

I thought carrying luggage from the train station to Paris was tiring but what we did today challenged my physical stamina to a whole different level. We left the hotel at 9am to make it to the tram to take us to the glacier. We had to take the gondola down and took the stairs down to the drilled glacier. During the walk down, you get to see Mer de Glace just right next to you. I never imagined to be so close to something that I would only see in like National Geographic.

The inside of the glacier was so pretty with the colored lights and they had mannequins which I thought was kind of creepy. Afterwards, we decided to take a “2 hour” hike to the gondola and then take the gondola back down to Central Chamonix. The hike was supposed to be pretty “flat” but it turns out to be the most intense hike I’ve ever had. I felt like I was doing rock climbing half the time and I was wearing these cheap shoes I bought in Paris.


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