Disneyland Day 1 – Anaheim


I really wanted to go to Disneyland before I go back to Hong Kong and I got my friend Valerie and Ken to go with me! There is a Disneyland in Hong Kong but it’s super small compared to the one in Anaheim.

We took the BoltBus down and the ride was about 8 hours. It was my first time taking the bus to socal and I knocked out pretty much for most of the ride. Except when the AC like broke or stopped working half way into the trip and it was burning hot inside the bus where I woke up from the heat.

To start our Disneyland adventures, we got to the park around 30 minutes after the park opened and went straight to get fastpasses for Cars Land and World of Color.


My friend told us that we had to watch the Disney’s Aladdin: Musical Spectacular inside Hyperion Theater in Hollywood Land. It’s a musical show of the Aladdin movie complied to about an hour with some funny jokes from the Genie. And her recommendation was right! It was so funny I was laughing pretty much the whole time.

I went on Space Mountain for the first time and I was terrified haha I am not a roller coaster person. I also went on Cars Land for the first time too and I didn’t think it could be that bad. The first half was a pretty chill ride going through the different places in the movie but I was so terrified for the other half because we were going crazy fast and I thought I was going to fly out of the car! In both of the rides’ pictures you can’t see my face because I was so scared haha

We also made our way to the Cove Bar at California Adventures to try their lobster nachos and their “secret” drinks.


The “secret” drink we tried was called The Zombie and it’s supposed to be about 3-5 different kinds of run mixed with juice. After chilling at Cove Bar we started lining up for the World of Color.


Till day 2!


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