Arrival – London

After about a 13 hour flight from HKG to LHR, I waited about an hour until I met up with my two friends from the states to arrive. We all bought round trip tickets for the express train from LHR to Paddington to meet up with a friend whom we are staying with.

The train ride was about 20 min and we were all so tired from flying. Before we knew it, we arrived at Paddington Station. We went to Patisserie Valerie to sit down and find wifi to reach our friend.


We walked from the train station to our friend’s place, which was supposed to be pretty close by. But with the rain and our luggages, what was supposed to be a short walk felt like forever.

After we got settled down it was time to grab some food! I was starving and barely functioning by this time. We went to an Indian restaurant that was a block away called Masala Zone. I forgot what we order because I was trying so hard not to fall asleep at the restaurant.

We ended the night by walking around the neighborhood in the light rain and catch up on sleep early because the Harry Potter Studio Tour awaits tomorrow!


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