(I am so behind in my blogging! I haven’t even finished my Europe posts yet…)

Not too long ago I went to my first instameet ever. I didn’t know what to expect except we were going to take pictures around Ngau Tau Kok (conveniently located right downstairs of where I am staying) and head to Casetify office at the end.

Around 3:30pm I waited by the MTR exit for everyone to arrive. The event is limited to 35 people since we are going to Casetify but normally I heard about 60 people participate at instameets.

We took pictures around Lotus Towers and the Kwun Tong Promenade:

After we caught the sunset, we headed to Casetify office which was nearby and I had no idea it was so close!

Their office was such a fun environment and they had some snacks and drinks waiting for us. They also had a instagram photo printer that prints photo that has the hashtag #casetifyhk which I thought was pretty cool!

They handed out prizes for the best photo taken that day and from drawing our nametags. I ended up with a gift card for Casetify and I am hoping to get an iPhone soon so I can use it on that.

Can’t wait for the next instameet!