Taiwan – Day 3

The first visit of the day was to the National Palace Museum 國立故宮博物院. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take my camera inside the museum so I didn’t get many pictures at this location. The tour guide rented all of us headsets so she could give us a tour of the museum and the historical pieces. One of the most famous pieces in this museum is the Jadeite Cabbage 翠玉白菜 and the other is the Meat-Shaped Stone 肉形石. The Meat-Shaped Stone is notable for how it looks just like a real piece of stewed pork.

Afterwards, we went to the National Revolutionary Martyrs’ Shrine 國民革命忠烈祠. We didn’t do much here except about an hour of free time to look around and do whatever we wanted. There was another changing of the guards while we were there so a lot of people waited for that by the entrance.


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