Taiwan – Day 4


Day 4 marks the last day of the Taiwan trip. We actually only have half a day since we have to leave for the airport from the hotel around 3pm. Since it is the last day, the tour didn’t have anything scheduled for us so we had the half-day to explore on our own.

The night before, the tour guide mentioned that it is cherry blossom season and there was a good spot near a temple to go see cherry blossom so we decided to do that first thing after breakfast.


When we got there we started to realize that the cherry blossom trees were all finished blooming and all we saw were branches. But since we were here already we walked around and climbed up the stairs of the temple.



The temple wasn’t too exciting and we soon left to go back to Tamsui to get the street food.


And I finally got to eat the really tall ice-cream that I always see in pictures! (Too bad I had to get the small version but that’s ok)

The rest of the day was just more walking and exploring little shops:



We had to head back to the hotel and meet up with everyone to go to the airport. When we got there the flight wasn’t actually till a few hours later and we had to hang around the terminal till then.

Here’s my last meal in Taiwan!


And that wraps up my first trip to Taiwan! I’ll definitely go back soon because there’s so much food that I want to try!


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