Windsor Castle – London

Today’s destination is Windsor Castle! We ate a quick breakfast at home and walked over to the Paddington train station. We got our tickets from the machine and the problem comes when we tried to figure out what train and when to board. In my opinion, the timeable/schedule for the train is super confusing. I gave up trying to figure it out and asked the information desk and apparently there are delays due to some problem. We just have to wait for further information.

We had to transfer at Slough to get to Windsor Castle. Once the platform was shown where to get on, we just followed the crowd to the train. Since we couldn’t find a map that showed all the stations, I just took a picture of it on the train:

The transfer was quite easy and we were there in no time:

We decided to grab some food first at Patisserie Valerie before we head towards the castle:

(I’ve realized that I’ve fell in love with smoked salmon since I got to London)

We discovered that the station was connected to an outdoor mall/an outlet and there were tours that specifically come here.

And finally we head towards the castle!

We found the visitor’s center to get our tickets to go in.



Everything was truly beautiful inside and we walked through St. George’s Chapel, the State Apartment and Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House. I think depending on what time of the year you come, different areas of the castle is open to the public.

I saw on instagram that a lot of people took pictures of a long walkway but I didn’t see it in the castle so I asked someone and it turned out its about a 5 minute walk.

It started raining shortly after we got to the long walkway so we walked back to the train station to head home. For dinner Christine and I got thai food at The Churchill Arms. It had the most unique decorations where everywhere was decorated with plants and lights and I felt like I was dining in a backyard.