Jeju Island – Day 1

Jeju Island is known as the Hawaii of South Korea and it has been one of the top places I’ve wanted to visit in South Korea besides Seoul.

[Getting to Jeju]

My journey to Jeju Island started with a flight from HKG to ICN. From ICN, I took the all stop AREX train to GMP (I found this post to be super informative from getting to ICN to GMP). Then, a flight from GMP to CJU. I believe there are direct flights from HKG to CJU but there aren’t that many flight times to choose from.


I’ve tried to plan out this trip by getting to places by bus but in the end I decided to book a tour taxi for my 3 day trip to make the most out of my time in Jeju.

I contacted my taxi driver (Mr. Lee) ahead of time and gave him a list of places I wanted to visit. He was very helpful and listed the places off into different days according to their location on the island. Starting from 9AM to 5PM, usually the taxi driver can take you to 4-5 places in a day. The rate averages to 150,000KRW (8 hours including gas and parking fees but excluding entry fees to attractions) and it may fluctuate depending on where you are staying on the island, if you go over 8 hours etc. It’s best that you communicate with your taxi driver about the details beforehand.

[Day 1 – Itinerary]

O’sulloc Tea Museum
Cheonjeyeon Waterfall
Yeomiji Botanical Garden
Teddy Bear Museum
Jusangjeolli Cliff
Cheonjiyeon Waterfall

[9:30AM – O’sulloc Tea Museum]

Inside, you can also try a sample of their green tea.

[10:30AM – Cheonjeyeon Waterfall and Seonimgyo Bridge]

Cheonjeyeon waterfall is one of the 3 famous waterfalls in Jeju Island.

[11:20AM – Yeomiji Botanical Garden]

This botanical garden has many various indoor and outdoor gardens for you to see. There’s also an observation deck where you can get a view of Jeju Island.

Because it’s winter, a lot of the plants aren’t bloomed. The gardens have their beauty in the winter but I think they would be even more beautiful in the spring/summer time.

[1:00PM – Teddy Bear Museum]

I was definitely tempted to buy a whole bunch of teddy bears home after this.

[2:20PM – Jusangjeolli Cliff]

The cliff was made from lava from Halla Mountain.

You can walk along the promenade after taking a selfie at the cliff.

[3:25PM – Cheonjiyeon Waterfall (Not to be confused with Cheonjeyeon Waterfall)]

That’s a wrap for day 1.