Jeju Island – Day 3

[Day 3 – Itinerary]

Jeolmul Recreation Forest
Ecoland Theme Park
Mysterious Road
Hallim Park

[Jeolmul Recreation Forest]

The taxi driver was telling me about Jeolmul Oreum, the park’s main mountain where there’s a crater on the top. On a clear day you can even see Sunrise Peak.

The unexpected hike up was a struggle because the trail was very slippery and I was wearing the wrong shoes (again). But the view was worth it.

Once we made our way back down, the taxi driver showed where there’s natural spring water and they even have ladles for you to drink from.

[Ecoland Theme Park]

This is another place where it wasn’t on my list of places to go but a suggestion from the taxi driver. Ecoland is a theme park where you ride the train to go to different themed areas inside the park.

[Mysterious Road]

The story behind the Mysterious Road is that if you turn off the engine of the car and put the gear on neutral, the car will go forward by itself on this (what it seems) uphill road.


[Hallim Park]

And this wraps up my 3 day trip in Jeju!