Macau Photowalk

Just an hour boat ride from Hong Kong, Macau is known as the “Vegas of China”. With a strong Portuguese history and influence, Macau has a lot of unique and beautiful architecture and landscapes to be captured. Here are the places I stopped by during my one-day trip to Macau.

Ruins of St. Paul’s

Probably one of the most well-known landmarks of Macau, the Ruins of St. Paul’s was originally St. Paul’s College and the Church of St. Paul from the 17th century. Most of the building was destroyed in a fire in 1835 during a typhoon.

Unless you come early in the morning on a weekday, you’ll probably get a lot of people in your shots.

Travessa da Paixao

You can get a different perspective of the Ruins of St. Paul’s from this street without the crowd. The name of the street translates to “Love Lane” and it’s a popular wedding photo spot!

Santa Casa Da Misericordia Albergue

Located in the St. Lazarus District, the Albergue SCM is also known as the “Old Ladies House”. It features a courtyard and two beautiful yellow buildings. During World War II, it was a shelter for refugees and later it became a home for elderly women. There’s also a Portuguese restaurant located there called “Albergue 1601”.

The Venetian Macau

Being the “Vegas of China”, it can’t be a trip to Macau without stopping by the casinos. There are lots to appreciate in terms of the interior design of the casinos in Macau.

Our Lady of Carmel Church

This church is walking distance from Ruo Do Cunha and Houses Museum. It’s the only Catholic church on Taipa island in Macau.

Baia de Nossa Senhora da Esperança Wetland Ecological Zone

If you are tired from all the walking, you can take a break and enjoy a bit of nature that Macau has to offer. This wetland area is close to the Taipa Houses Museum and is a close walk from The Venetian Macau.

Lai Kei Sorvetes

Lai Kei Sorvetes is an ice-cream restaurant with a long history and they are famous for their ice-cream sandwiches. After enjoying a delicious cold treat from here, you can walk around the streets of Macau for some lifestyle street shots.

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