Copenhagen // Day 1


SFO > CPH – 10h 40m


Apr 20, 2019 – 1:15pm


After going through customs, I quickly bought a train ticket to Copenhagen Central Station to meet up with my friend. And with just my luck, the wheels on my luggage started falling apart as I was making my way to the train station. The train ride only took about 15 minutes.

Good Morning City Copenhagen Star


This was the hotel we stayed at and it was just a few minutes walk from Copenhagen Central Station. I would recommend this place – the staff were nice and helpful and the room was clean and spacious for the price. From our room, we can see people cooking at night or just chilling on the balcony with some beer.

After dropping off our bags we decided to take the bus to see The Little Mermaid. The receptionist gave us the bus number and direction. After we got on the bus, my friend slowly realized we were getting farther and farther from our destination but we didn’t think too much of it. We were enjoying the scenery until we realized we probably got on the wrong bus and we got off at the second to the last stop. At this point, I was so tired from running on no sleep from my 10 hour flight that I slowly realized I only looked at the bus number but not at which direction it was going to. With some help from the local, we finally got on the right bus and made our way to The Little Mermaid again.

The lesson here is – never trust someone (myself lol) who didn’t get any sleep for direction in a foreign country.


Once I got off the bus, I can see why Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world. The vibe is just so chill, there are lounge chairs everywhere for people to sit on and people are just riding their bikes and enjoying life.




I am in love with the architecture here ❤️


On our way to The Little Mermaid, we took a small detour and walked through Churchill Park and Langelinie Park. For a second, I thought I was in Japan with all the cherry blossoms!



The Little Mermaid was way smaller than I imagined.


And…it was time for dinner! We took a 5 minute boat ride to Reffen, a street food market.





There were WAY too many stalls to choose from. In the end we got a gyro, some fries, and beer. Not sure if it’s a European thing, but we had to pay extra to get condiments on our fries.



There was no better way to end the day than eating fries by the water while watching the sunset.