Brussels // Day 2

Belgian Comic Strip Center

This museum has exhibitions featuring Belgian comics like Tintin and the Smurfs. If you are into comics, I think this museum is for you. I didn’t know much about comics like Tintin and the Smurfs but I still fairly enjoyed the visit.

Fritland 🍟

Mont des Arts

Royal Palace

I didn’t know the Royal Palace is actually only opened from July 23 to August 25 in 2019 (it was April when we went). We only found out when we got there and saw a bunch of people taking pictures outside instead of going in.

BELvue Museum

While trying to think of places to go for the rest of day since the Royal Palace wasn’t opened, we randomly found this museum and took a look around. This museum focuses on the history of Belgium and there were a lot of educational and interactive exhibitions.


There wasn’t much left in Brussels that we wanted to see so we decided to take the train to Antwerp because my friend thought the train station looked nice (🤣) and there was some shopping we could do. Antwerp is also known for its history of the diamond industry.

We wanted to see the Steen Castle but turns out it was under construction 😔. Why do we have such bad luck in Belgium?

Sofie Sucrée

It started raining out of nowhere so we ran to this cafe and stayed here until the sky cleared up.


For dinner we got curry spaghetti with bacon and a waffle with banana and chocolate sauce.