We had a little struggle getting here because we didn’t listen to Google Maps and just hopped on the first train we saw that goes to Bruges instead of waiting for the specific train Google told us to take. Our train still took us here but it took an extra hour of detour.

2be – The Beer Wall

If you love beer, then you’ll probably love this place. Bruges is also known for Brugse Zot, a beer that’s only made here. There are also lots of different beer shops around.

Boat Tour

I love boat tours so of course I had to go on one.


The weather wasn’t so great the day we went and it started raining out of nowhere. And since it was around lunch time, we just found this restaurant to eat at.

This overcooked/burnt salmon omelette barely had any salmon in it. The best part was probably the soda.

Got another waffle while we were walking around. I forgot how many waffles we had during this trip in Belgium.

Mmm…more chocolate


We took the scenic route when we were walking back to the train station.

I actually enjoyed my time at Bruges more than I did at Belgium. There were lots to see and lots of small shops and overall just a really nice small town. It’s a great place for a day trip!