We were sort of running out of things to do and places we want to see in Belgium, so we took another day trip to Dinant. Did you know Dinant is home to the saxophone?

The weather wasn’t so great, one minute it would be sunny and then it would start raining all of a sudden. Not sure if it’s usually like this but there weren’t a lot of people around and pretty much most of the stores were closed. It’s a very quiet and mellow town.

Charles de Gaulle Bridge

Collégiale Notre-Dame De Dinant

Citadel of Dinant

We took the cable car up to the citadel or you can walk up 408 steps if you’d like.

I am not sure if it was bad timing but lots of areas were closed off and there weren’t as many things to see as we thought. You get to learn about the history of this fortress and how it played a role during WWI.

La Buena Vida

There weren’t a lot of choices in terms of food since so many stores and restaurants were closed. We just found this place while we were walking along the river. Since people speak French here, I wish I still remembered what I learned in French class in high school. It would’ve been handy. But I was able to get by with my broken French ordering food.

We didn’t actually ordered this platter and the waiter realized he gave it to us by mistake and it was taken away haha

Grotte La Merveilleuse

This is a cave of stalagmites and stalactites and you can only go here with a guided tour. It was an interesting experience and the tour guide speaks 3 languages including English. I would recommend visiting this place!