Brussels // Day 3


Six of these spheres are open to the public. There’s an exhibition space, a Children’s sphere, event space for rental, and a restaurant. There isn’t really much to see here unless you want to pay to go inside.


This park is right next to the Atomium and it has replicas of monuments in the EU at a 1:25 scale.

And then we got fries from a food truck outside the park when we were leaving.

Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

The greenhouses are only open during spring for about 3 weeks. We were lucky enough it was opened during our time there in April. All the gardens and greenhouses were absolutely beautiful and I would recommend visiting here but be sure to check the opening dates and hours as they vary.

Noordzee – Mer du Nord

My friend found this place from a travel vlog on YouTube. The staff there were super friendly and helpful in recommending food to us. After they took our order we waited at the standing table for them to call our names to pick up the food. We ordered one of their fish soups, fried catfish, and shrimps. The shrimps were the best shrimps I’ve had in my life! I would’ve ate more if I could.

And this wraps up my trip in Belgium! Till next time!